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The Unicorn of Aynhoe Park


The Unicorn of Aynhoe Park

Natalie Ellner

" The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
- Roald Dahl

On an ordinary day in a warehouse in East London the builders cleaned away their tools and brushed the dust from the cold concrete floor. As the last man left  a Unicorn took its place in the centre of the room ready to be  photographed for the first time in his new gleaming armour.   

Photography by Diana Patient

The creature had come to me from  Aynhoe Park - requesting the breath of new life.   Patiently he sat for many hours as I worked on creating magical regalia - fit for a Unicorn living in such an enchanted place. Days and nights melted in to one as his hair was woven with unspun wools and gilded armour was crafted to fit his majestic frame.   Within what felt like only moments the Unicorn had been regenerated and was ready to return Aynhoe Park. Before leaving we were able to capture the beauty and magnificence of this ethereal beast in these series of photographs - rather magical don't you agree?


Unicorn Aynhoe Park - Ellsewhere armour and hair

Unicorn hair and armour by Ellsewhere, Ostrich Trees by Tony Marklew at Aynhoe Park