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Aside from my bespoke headwear commissions I have also worked as a freelancer for a variety of companies in their Creature and Puppet departments. I have had both general making roles and H.O.D roles in Fur/Hair and Fabrication for Film/T.V/ Museums and spent 7 years as a medical grade prosthetic sculptor at the beginning of my career. Recent projects including; Wes Andersons; Isle of Dogs for AMS LTD (Fur/Hair worker), The National Museum of Qatar for Crawley Creatures (H.O.D fur), IKEA lion for AMS LTD (H.O.D fur), Gingerline Productions (Puppet fabrication and Fur/Hair, Hacket Window Display Pinewood Creative (Fur/Flock H.O.D), Yonderland for Sky T.V/Working Title (puppet fabrication/ hair and fur worker), Dr Who for Millennium FX (Creature fabricator and Art finisher). Below is a selection of work I have worked on for other companies (outside of my bespoke Ellsewhere commissions) including medical limb sculpture for RSL Steeper.


This is a selection of animals I worked on for the National Museum of Qatar under the company Crawley Creatures. I was the H.O.D for the Fur department - running a team of 7 other fur workers creating the life like fur exterior for the animal sculptures. The role included sourcing the best quality fake fur, fur transfer, fur laying, fur punching, dying, styling and art-working. The hairs were laid a few at a time and each piece took between 4 - 8 weeks to create. These animals are The Desert Fox, The Sand Cat, The Caracal and the Cheesman Gerbils.


I worked in the Fur department on Isle of dogs working on the main pack dogs - mainly King and Chief. I also hair punched the Medium sized Nutmeg and a variety of the other medium sized dogs. I was initially called in to create the feather work for the Owl which was one of my favourite characters to work on. I hand cut his feathers from a variety of silks and woven fabrics. I then went to work on lots of the other charters, including hair punching the rats - the smallest of which was no larger than a small fingernail. This role included feather fabric work on the owl, hair punching, laying,dying, transfer and styling.


I furred the head of the Ikea Lion creature costume for AMS LTD. This was a lovely job to do that involved, dying, laying and punching fur into the foam core that covered the head.


The Plant Puppets were designed and created by myself and Marina Ralph for the Theatre Company Gingerline productions. I created the Root Vegetable puppet and Marina made the Alovera Plant - both of these hand puppets were fabricated from variety of foams, and latex with acrylic eyes and hand art-woking. The Venus fly trap was created by both Marina and myself and was a much larger creature costume - again sculpted from foam.


I created Pucks costume for the BBC production of A Midsummer Nights Dream for costume designer Ray Holman. I hand sculpted it from foam and -to look like bark from a tree. I layered each section on top of eahother - allowing for move-ability of the character. It was then art-worked by dry brushing acrylic over the top.



Here are a selection of limbs I sculpted directly out of Silicone for both NHS and private patients for RSL Steeper. The process involved colour matching the patient to create the right pigments and sculpting with layers of Silicone, painting it then baking it in the oven - ready for use.



Here are some other examples of projects I have worked on;

Picture 1; The Mire for Dr Who; Millennium FX - Fabricator (under the H.O.D Fiona Cazaly, Lead Artworker) * 2 Hackett Window Display; Pinewood Creative - Flock H.O.D * 3 Yonderland 3; Sky T.V - Puppet and Creature fabricator (under the H.O.D Fiona Cazaly * 4 Dragon Creature Costume - Puppet Theatre - Fabricator * 5 Chick Puppet for AMS LTD - Hair Punching * 6 The Mire, Dr Who ; Millennium FX -Fabrictor (under the H.O.D Fiona Cazaly,, Lead Art-worker) * 7 Puppet Creatures Costumes; Artem - for Qatar Football Stadium - Fabricator (under the H.O.D Fiona Cazaly, Art-worker * 8 Yonderland 3; Sky TV - Creature Costume fabrication - under the H.O.D Fiona Cazaly